Ten Myths and Misconceptions About Modern Agriculture

During this past election season, the candidates were making various claims about their opponents. It is hard to separate the truth from the lies. There are outlandish conspiracy theories. There are misinformation campaigns. The same situation occurs in agriculture.

There are varied “views” about agriculture. Unfortunately, many of the beliefs are not based on data and facts. Some people have an antiquated, out-of-date perception about agriculture. Others might believe some of the unfounded, outlandish claims promoted by splinter groups who have their own misguided agenda.

Various companies are deceiving the public by claiming their products are GMO-free, gluten-free, etc. I have even seen labels on water claiming it is GMO-free. There is no such thing as GMO water. There are only 10 GMO food products on the market. Yet, if you look at food labeling it is implied that hundreds of food products have been genetically modified but this company’s product is not. It is just marketing hype.

In this presentation, we will examine some of the myths and misconceptions regarding agriculture and will rely on facts and data. Everybody is entitled to their opinion, but hopefully, that opinion is based on reality.