No Regrets: Balancing Work and Family

In my profession we prepare individuals to be agriculture teachers, county extension agents and for other leadership roles in the world of agriculture. And  we do a good job of this. As a matter of fact our graduates often work 55-60 hours a week. What we typically don’t do is teach our graduates how to balance their work and personal life.

Some years ago I started teaching a graduate course titled “Priority Management in Agriculture.” The course has received stellar evaluations. What is unique about the class is it based on research. Students learn how to balance their lives and work responsibilities.  I take information from this class and share with the audience.

The “moment of truth” occurred several years ago when my wife died from  breast cancer. The mourners at her funeral  said she was too young to die. I had to agree.  She was too young to die; but there were no regrets. We had raised two great kids, traveled extensively and had award winning careers.  We had practiced what we preached.

In this presentation I challenge the audience to examine their priorities and share 12 strategies for balancing life and work.