Hi! My name is Gary Moore and I am a retired university professor of agricultural and extension education. During my four decades long career in higher education I made numerous presentations to professional societies and to the public. However, because of my teaching schedule I had to turn down many speaking invitations, but now that I am retired, I can say yes to many of the speaking requests I receive.

I have been blessed to received numerous awards for teaching excellence. The National Association of Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture recognized me as the Outstanding College Teacher of Agriculture in North America. The American Association for Agricultural Education has bestowed on me their Distinguished Teaching Award. At North Carolina State University I was a member of the Academy of Outstanding Teachers and was recognized by the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences as the Outstanding Graduate Instructor. I know how to communicate with people.

Since my retirement in 2017 I make about 25-30 presentations a year. I love to teach (speak), travel and interact with people. I would welcome the opportunity to work with your group. My three most requested presentations are:

No Regrets: Balancing Work and Family – My wife died at the age of 54 but there were no regrets because we had learned how to balance our lives. In this presentation I share a dozen ideas on how to balance your work and family life.

Searching for the Wizard of Oz – Video clips from the movie The Wizard of Oz are used to challenge the thinking of your organization. The audience is challenged to realize we are no longer in Kansas, the world has changed, and to examine three questions: 1). If you or your organization had a brain, what would you do with it?, 2). What do you or your organization need the courage to do?, 3.) Do you or your organization have a heart? At the end of the presentation we arrive at the conclusion there is no Wizard of Oz, so it is up to each of us to become the Wizard of Oz in our organization.

The History and Evolution of the Outhouse – This presentation, often given after a meal, will leave the audience in stitches from so much laughing. It is an informative but hilarious presentation that looks at the history and evolution of the outhouse in America. The takeaway message is while it may be nostalgic to remember “the good old days” we really don’t want to return to that era in time and should embrace new technology and change. Because of the popularity of this presentation I have had to create a follow-up presentation on Outhouses, Privies, and Toilets of the World and a 3rd presentation on the History of Toilet Paper and SUCH!

If you look under the Presentations tab on this web site you will see a variety of other presentations on such topics as leadership, racial equality, circuit rider preachers, plus others.

Please contact me if I can be of any assistance to your organization.