The History of Toilet Paper and SUCH!!

Did they really use corn cobs as toilet paper in Colonial America? The answer is YES plus they used other items as well (such as mussel shells in coastal areas and coconut husks in Hawaii). In this presentation, we trace the development of toilet paper and look at other materials that have been used over time.

We will visit ancient China, Rome, Asia, Europe, and South America. Some of the things we will learn are:

  • Where toilet paper was invented.
  • The two toilet paper rules you must know in South America.
  • Who used a sponge on a stick.
  • Why Muslim countries never use the left had to handle the Quran or to shake hands.
  • Which way the toilet paper really should be placed on the toilet roll holder.
  • Why the first American toilet paper was not well accepted.
  • Which television personality caused a toilet paper shortage.
  • Plus much more