2nd Mile Leadership

Title of the Presentation: Becoming a 2nd Mile Leader!

During my professional career I have served as the national president of four different professional organizations (American Association for Agricultural Education, Association for Career and Technical Education, American Vocational Education Research Association, and Alpha Tau Alpha). The size of these organizations ranged from 300 members with no professional staff to a 28,000 member organization with 25 paid professional staff. It was never my goal to be the president of these organizations. I did not seek the presidency of any of these organizations but when I was nominated by a nominating committee I did consent to have my name placed in nomination and I was elected.

I guess you could label me the reluctant president. But there was a reason I kept being elected. Once I was elected I gave it my all. I was determined to make a difference in the organization. I was a 2nd mile leader – I went above and beyond the normal expectations of the office.

Over the years I have seen numerous persons elected to various offices in organizations who do the absolute minimum. They are interested primarily in embellishing their resumes instead of furthering the organization.

In this presentation I share what I call “Moore’s Leadership Pyramid” which describes the steps a good leader will embrace in order to become a 2nd mile leader.  Illustrations and examples from my leadership experiences are used to make the points come alive.