I have made presentations in 41 states, three Canadian provinces, and on four continents.  My presentations tend to focus on rural America and culture, agriculture, education, and social justice. The most in-demand presentations are as follow:

Entertaining and Fun – But Educational

Professional Development

Rural America and Culture

Agricultural Education

Social Justice

I speak on a variety of other topics. I often speak at teacher conferences. Some of my teacher-oriented presentations are:

  • Teaching with Humor – In this presentation, I review the research that supports the use of humor in the classroom and then provide ten ideas for using humor in the classroom.
  • Making the History of FFA Come Alive – Too often when agriculture teachers teach about the FFA, it is just a listing of dates. In this presentation, we explore why the FFA came into existence and learn about some unusual and little-known facts about FFA. Numerous FFA artifacts are displayed.
  • You Have to Teach Them All: Learning Styles – Different people have different approaches to learning. In this workshop attendees complete a learning styles instrument that helps them understand how they learn. Teaching ideas and tips are then provided so teachers can reach all their students.

A perusal of my past presentations will reveal other topics.