About Me

My name is Gary Moore and I am a retired professor of agricultural and extension education at North Carolina State University. In this position I got to work with high school agriculture teachers and county extension agents. Thus, I have one foot in the world of education and one foot in the world of agriculture.

I grew up on a ranch in the Hill Country of Central Texas. I was active in the FFA and decided to become an agriculture teacher when I was a junior in high school.  I attended Tarleton State College (now a University) in Stephenville, TX and received a BS in Agricultural Education. I wanted to teach because I like working with people and have a love for agriculture.

I then taught high school agriculture in Medicine Lodge, Kansas and at Fort Frye High School in Beverly, Ohio (my family had moved to Ohio when I was in college). As an agriculture teacher I taught high school students but also conducted night classes for adult farmers. I enjoyed teaching both groups.

While taking graduate classes in agricultural education at Ohio State I was invited to become a graduate teaching assistant. I accepted the offer, taught the introductory course in agricultural education and earned both my MS and PhD from Ohio State.

Since graduating from Ohio State I have been an agricultural education professor at Purdue University (but it was too cold), Louisiana State University (but it was too hot) and North Carolina State University (it is just right). I have been teaching at NCSU since 1989 and retired in 2017.

My wife is deceased (she was a university professor also). I have two grown children. Micah is currently living in Atlanta and works on movies and video games and Carolyn lives near Seattle, Washington. She is married to a Google employee and has two sons.

If you are interested in looking at my Curriculum Vitae, here it is.