Unsolicited Comments:

Your presentation was phenomenal! We have received positive feedback from County Government employees as well as Morehead City employees. One County employee stated that your presentation was “powerful”!  Jessica Vasquez, Carteret County, NC Official

Thanks again for being a speaker at the Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agriculture luncheon yesterday – it was a big hit and I rank it as one of the top in my 25 years in the Society!  – Michael McGrath, Secretary

Thank you for being with us on Saturday evening and for your wonderful presentation.  The survey questions engaged everyone — what a great idea!  The only one I “cheated” on was the question about the invention of toilet paper — I knew that from my internet research. Anyway, you were wonderful.  Thanks so much for making the evening so memorable.  People have written to me and asked what I will do next year.  Frankly, I don’t think I can top “The History of Outhouses!” Thank you very much for your presentation and for making the evening so special. – Linda Bestimt, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Raleigh

I hope you are still willing to return to Chautauqua this summer. People continue to talk about your presentation, and, I must admit, I have noticed more outhouses than ever before. We even discussed you talk on NPR last summer. Jon Schmitz, Archivist. Chautauqua Institution, NY.

I enjoyed your talk at the VATAT conference in Corpus. I do believe it was one of the better ones I have witnessed in my 37 years of education. – L.W., Bryan Independent School District, Texas

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate having a swift kick in the butt as a reminder of who is most important in my life. Your presentation at the conference was stellar.  My thought process is to always check off the list to-do list as much as possible and sometimes (ok, often) my family hits the bottom of that list due to my blinders that are attached in getting tasks done.  Your words inspired me to go home and make a “No Regrets” list with my family.  Wow, how empowered I feel now to get out and live life.  Extension is truly a passion but it can suck the passion for the rest of life right out of you if you are not careful. Thank you and my husband thanks you too! A.B., North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service.

As I pull the big picture pieces together for our upcoming summer conference I would like to know who you would recommend for a closing speaker to bring it home on the last day like you did this last summer!  You did such an outstanding job and received such positive comments I would like to find a strong ACTE speaker who could ‘knock it out of the park’ like you did.  –  Tim Knue, Executive Director Washington Association for Career and Technical Education

Thanks for all the valuable information that you provided last week, but mostly, thank you for reminding me why I love teaching.  You are such a blessing to education, thank you for taking the time to help us. B.L., Jordan Public Schools, MT

I truly enjoyed your presentation at NAAE in Las Vegas last month. I made a note to ask you to email the presentation file to me, so I could have it to refresh myself on the very impactful high points of the workshop. It was very inspiring, and I appreciate the dedication and commitment you have to people like me in the AG/ED profession. Thank you again. J.C., Imbler School District, OR.

You presented today at the CTE conference and I cannot tell you how grateful and moving your words were to me. I cried several times throughout your presentation not because I was happy and thinking how much I love my husband and kids, but instead was scared and awakened by your words. I will be making changes. C.B., Genessee Valley Central School, NY.

I want to thank you for the wonderful presentation in Pigeon Forge!  Unlike the Tin Man, one thing you certainly have is heart and compassion, along with a wealth of knowledge! R.B., Williamson County Schools, TN.

I was in attendance at the VATAT Conference on July 26th when you gave the keynote speech. I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and talking points. It is my priority for the years to come to find those “invisible students” and help them succeed in life. – K..P.,  Lamar Consolidated Independent School District, TX.

I listened to your Keynote at the University of Wyoming e-Volution symposium… it was great to hear the ideas you shared (I was participating from South Carolina).  T.H., Greenville County Schools, SC.

Thank you for your contribution to a successful conference. Your presentation to the TALENTS session was on point. As usual, it was well delivered and thoughtful. Mike Stone, Executive Director, Kentucky Association for Career and Technical Education.

Thank you so much for the seminar you presented yesterday for Craven County – it was absolutely a wonderful class and I am thankful for the opportunity I had to participate in it. The passion with which you spoke was so overwhelming – the love for not only your family but for your job and those you teach was abundantly clear.  I took away several meaningful lessons and I have already implemented some of them as recently as this morning! G.B., Craven County Government, NC.

I wanted to say thank you for your presentation at the NAAE Conference last week.  As I listened during your workshop, I had a lump in my throat for the majority of the presentation and shed tears all along the way.  Your perspective was excellent and it caused me to truly consider the priorities I have in my life.  M.S., Jessamine County Schools, KY.

I really enjoyed your talk today in New Bern.  About 6 months ago my wife and I separated and have been working on reconciliation only in recent weeks. I feel like most of our problems stemmed from all of the stresses that usually affect marriages: finances, couple’s relationship, common goals, children and the list goes on.  As I have been working on organizing using a few of the tools and planning strategies you presented today, my life and relationships have improved dramatically.  Seeing your lecture has motivated me to put it in high gear and to always organize and plan my life!  Thanks for sharing your insights with us all and thank you for your inspiration! K.J., Craven County Government, NC.

At the end of the season I am taking a moment to thank all our speakers.  There really was not one bad talk this year, and yours was exceptional. At the end of the season, I said we might have a ‘History of the Outhouse II’ in 2015, and the audience replied with applause.  In addition, I should like to take up your suggestion on Booker T. Washington. I have wanted to do something on him for a long time.   I also am hoping we can do the History of the GMO.  Would you consider doing two lectures. Ideally, it would be great to have you stay the weekend and do Friday and Saturday so that  two weeks could hear you.  Well, give it some thought. – Jon Schmitz, Archivist. Chautauqua Institution, NY.