It Was a Shame

I was at at the beach yesterday. I had the opportunity to speak about “Live Like You Were Dying” to the Carteret County government employees. It was a double-header. I spoke to the employess in Beaufort in the morning and to the ones in Morehead City in the afternoon.

What was a shame was being at the beach and having such cold weather!!! I typically take a walk along the beach in this part of the world but it was just too cold and windy. But on the way home I did stop at a Piggly Wiggly grocery store in the town of Maysville. You don’t see many Piggly Wiggle stores these days unless you get in the rural areas of the state.


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Gary Moore is a retired professor from North Carolina State University. He is an award-winning teacher and has made presentations in 41 states, 2 Canadian provinces and on 3 continents.
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