My Old Kentucky Home

It seems as if the Hilton Garden Inn in Georgetown, KY is my Old Kentucky Home. This past week I returned for the 4th year to speak to the Kentucky Association for Career and Technical Education TALENTS program. This is a leadership development program for future CTE leaders in Kentucky. It was cold and snowy outside but the participants made it warm inside.


I arrived a day early so I could do some research for a future presentation about the Camp Meeting movement. About 30 miles from Georgetown is the Cane Ridge Meeting House where a great revival occurred in 1801.  Thousands of people came and camped out. This started a trend for churches to have on-site campgrounds – of which a number are still in operation today. This church was built in 1791 and is still standing but a structure has been built over and surrounding the church to preserve it.


About Gary Moore

Gary Moore is a retired professor from North Carolina State University. He is an award-winning teacher and has made presentations in 41 states, 2 Canadian provinces and on 3 continents.
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